Guitar Giveaway

This is what we like! Making our fans happy... one at a time. 

When we hit 10,000 likes on our Facebook  page, we will give one lucky fan a shiny, new Fender Squire Strat.

Your odds of winning can increase from 1/10,000 to an even greater chance of winning.

Invite your friends to like the page as well. We can't tell who you invited and accepted, so, you're going to have to do that for us. If you invite one friend that likes our Facebook page, you just went from 1/10,000 to 2/10,000. Twice the odds of winning. If you invite 4 and they accept, you moved to 5/10,000 (or 1 in 2,000).


The guitar is red... it plays sweet. Comes with a deluxe hard case, strap, cord, and pics. Everything you need to get started, minus the amplifier. 




Here's a cool part. If someone you invite happens to win the guitar, you will receive a FREE Tennessee Outlaw Country T-Shirt, shipped right to your door. 

That's how you enter.... If you win, we reserve the right to use your likeness on any media we deem fit for future promotions and to brag about this promotion. Pretty simple.